Friday, February 20, 2009


The opposite of "congress", of course! (Sorry, bad joke)

Anyhoo... we had A LOT done to the house today. It's amazing how much can get done when it's not just me and Matthew. :)

Last night, Matthew and I grouted the shower in the guest bath. It looks even better than the last posted picture. And today, someone(?) grouted the master bath/shower!

The plumbers came and installed the toilets! They also installed both bath/shower faucets, one sink faucet, and the kitchen faucet (which looks AMAZING!) The water is not actually hooked up yet, but when we get some power... (we have well water.)

The electrican came and was putting the plates on the outlets. He will be back tomorrow just to finish up the last of it.

We received interior doors! Most of them have been hung, and they look awesome! Now I need to go buy the handles (which I will probably install).

What else??? OH! They also worked staining the trim. Lookin' good!

Sorry there are no pictures, but I did not have my camera with me. Plus, it doesn't look too terribly different from the last pictures.

I'm beginning to think that we might actually get to live in it one day! ^_^

Monday, February 16, 2009

Let there be light...

Here are our lights in real life. It's always scary when you choose the stuff, take it home, and then there is a brief period of panic. What if I don't like it when it's installed?

Well, needless to say, it looks great! Here is a shot from the edge of the bar looking into the kitchen/dining room.

This the light in the "foyer."

Choosing ceiling fans is another overwhelming task with the looking up and craning your neck. Anyway, Matthew liked what I picked, and they look nice!

Master Bedroom

Guest bedroom - I really love the colors in here. It's very warm.

Blogger is acting kind of crazy, so sorry for the weird layout. There is still a lot to do in the house: the plumber is supposed to come this week (yay toilets!); we need to order interior doors; the cabinets need to be finished; the hardwood floors will be one of the last things (so they don't get messed up); and the trim around the doors and windows.

We may reach the one year mark before we actually move in, BUT we will be in by the Spring. We can't wait! We have spent so much time in there that it might feel a little strange when we start sleeping there! We haven't camped out (yet), but I have a feeling that if we get some propane and the gas logs hooked up...

Lady (and her Gent) of Bath

Since the last post: we have painted; the electrician has installed lights, switches, and outlets.

Here is the guest bathroom. Matthew stained the wood to match the trim.

Saturday, the boys spent the day installing the tile in the shower.

the master vanity...

So not only am I a painter, but apparently I am a tile installler now. This is how Matthew and I spent our Sunday. I was on tile cutting duty. Matthew had to do some of the measuring, but I cut all of those little edges for the square tile to fit.

The tile on the walls match the tile on the floor.

The recent progress on the house is slow, but steady. For the last month we have been telling everyone that we should be moving in a month. So, I think we'll be in in a month.