Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More teasers...

I have (finally) taken some pictures! Our trim looks AMAZING! I am proud to say that I did help sand and stain some of it.

Here is our future "Entertainment Nook." We'll have bookshelf space on top, then the TV, and then the all important turntable.

Did I mention that the trim looks AMAZING? The guys gave so much attention to the detail.

This hallway is the back of the house. The stair railing plus all the trimwork looks so nice.

This is an upclose look at the detail of the stairs.

The house is still full of constructing dirt, so I don't want to take too many pics right now. I am ready to get it cleaned up and start moving! We are so excited!


Mom and Dad came up today and took me to the Biltmore House. It is one of favorite places to go. I see something new everytime I go! There were 4 "new" rooms opened recently, and they were pretty interesting.
My favorite part is all the gargoyles. You can pay extra to take a "Gargoyle Tour", but, being the rebel I am, decided I would take my own. :)

April in the mountains is a time for early flowers. The tulips were beautiful, but there are always such interesting blooms in the greenhouse.

The day began kind of cool and cloudy, but it was a really fun day! We ended our day with our favorite part... the wine tasting. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The End is Near!

Nope! We're not advertising the end of the world as we know it... We have to put drywall on the underside of the stairs and we should pass!!! I don't know why this is needed, since the basement is "unfinished".

I don't have any good pics, yet, so here's a video and awesome song for your entertainment. :)