Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pretty Sunset

Our house sits in an area that is a "turn around" for air traffic. The Asheville Airport is not far by the crow flies. Anyhoo... the other night I looked out and saw this.

Moldy came outside, too. Only she was looking for the "one that got away".

We have a lot more lizards up at the new house, and Matthew had rescued one from Moldy earlier. The little guy played possum until I picked him up. Needless to say, he lived to see another day.

Meanwhile, we are slowly settling into the house and getting organized. Maybe I will actually post some pictures someday!

Everyone take care! I have three weeks until Summer Vacay!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Snake

If snakes give you the heebee geebees, you may not want to continue.

My in-laws had everyone to their house for Mother's Day. The outside of their house is made of wood, and a bird has made a hole and a nest inside. Someone noticed the snake's head sticking out of the hole.

When it began to move, I had to video. It was amazing to watch this snake wedge himself between the boards and "snake" his way back to the hole in the wall.

I was stuffing my face after this video was taken, but the snake did turn around and hang his head out the hole again. You never know what will happen at the King Ranch!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 1

Well, we have completed week #1 in the house! We finished the week by hosting a kind of birthday party for mom. Mom, dad, Michelle, and the boys came up for the day. We played and hung out. I made lasagna and a salad. Michelle brought cake! It was a good day. :)

Here is a glimpse of the living room from my webcam. I am loving the house. Our solar water tank leaks, so there is someone here to fix it. Until next time...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Moving week!

It's not moving day, but it has been moving week. Regardless, it has been very exciting! I don't want to take any pictures until everything is cleaned up. This all began last Saturday while I was in Hickory. Matthew began moving our bedroom. I still can't get over him moving that armoire by himself.

Sunday we continued to move some of the clothes. We spent the first night in the house! It was a little strange, yet comfortable. Monday morning, I took a shower and started to get dressed. I found a shirt, but no pants! Luckily our "old" house is just down the hill. I put my shorts back on and went in search of pants.

I looked a large pile of clothes on the floor and said, "Hmmm... my pants are in there somewhere." I didn't feel like digging, and I knew they would be all wrinkley. I found a skirt hanging in one of our tiny closets, and I received so many compliments on how nice I looked! Funny how things work out!

Anyhoo... all this week we have been moving stuff a truck load at a time each day. Last night we moved the last of the appliances, the washer and dryer. I had to be a plumber this morning and switch the hot/cold connections. Last night I looked at them upside down, so they ended up backwards. I'm trying our first load of laundry as I type.

We have gone a week without TV. We haven't missed it (except for maybe the news). We have listened to NPR every morning and evening. The DirecTV person will be here Saturday to "move" our dish and hook up everything. We broke down and we are putting a TV and box in our bedroom. It will be inside the armoire so we can close the doors and forget it is there.

Well, that has been the excitement so far. I have done some touch-up painting, and I had to actually paint the pantry because slacker-me didn't do it right the first time. But, Matthew was able to put in the shelves last night! Yay for food storage!

OK. I need to go, but I will try to keep you updated and have some pictures soon. Meanwhile, here is me at the computer before the fridge and stove were hooked up. It's not the best pic of me, and you can tell how tired I was. (Don't tell, but I took a day yesterday, and I feel a 100 times better today! Plus it's FRIDAY!)