Wednesday, October 17, 2012

5 Months

Wow.  Claire is 5 months old.  I need to add to the "Now Claire can..." list.
1. Sit up without assistance
2. Grab objects (this has been REALLY fun) 
3. Eat baby food (So far she likes sweet potatoes, apples, & rice, apples, mangoes)
4. Has sprouted two bottom teeth... separately (that has been really, really fun)

Matthew brought home some railroad ties to make some steps.  Claire and I were outside enjoying the fresh air and walked around to where he was unloading the ties.  Matthew picked up the first one, and Claire just started giggling!  It was the first time she had giggled unprovoked.  We all just died laughing.  Every time he would throw a tie off the back of the truck with a thump, she would jump, and laugh.  It was precious. 

Claire likes to vocalize.  I think we are going to have a talker on our hands. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mini Vacay

Matthew had a light week and decided it was time to get away.  Woo hoo!  The waves at Tybee Island, GA were looking good so that was our destination.  We got the camper pulled in front of the house and began cleaning and taking inventory.  Matthew made a reservation at a campsite on the island which is near the river.  Matthew talked to a friend who used to live in that area, and she convinced us to forgo the campsite and look for a condo/hotel instead.  Somehow we landed a great deal on a unit in a house that was only 1/2 block from the beach!  It was just a couple of blocks from the pier.  It was PERFECT!

We drove down Wednesday.  Claire was a champ.  We only had to stop once to feed and change her.  When we picked up the key she was getting hungry and our unit wasn't quite ready so I fed her in their parking lot.  It worked out great.  I received the call that our unit was ready at the same time Claire finished eating so off we went.

I knew as soon as we pulled up to the house I was in love.  It was built in the 1920's, and I asked the boy who booked our reservation if the house was haunted.  He wasn't sure how to respond.  Ha!  We had 450 sq. feet of wonderfulness.  It reminded us of Matthew's old apartment in Greensboro.  You walked into the living/dining room.  There was a bedroom off to on side and the kitchen and bathroom were to the back.  Everyone shared the porch (which was a wrap around), but we never saw anyone else enjoying.  Needless to say we did!

The beach was beautiful.  We took an evening walk and found some dinner at Fannie's.  Their t-shirts say, "WTF (Welcome to Fannie's)."  I had the shrimp burger and Matthew tried their fish tacos.  The service was OK but the food is good.  Poor Claire.  We had to put her back in the car to go to the store.  She was NOT happy, but persevered.   

Tybee Island Beach Pier

Thursday morning we were on the beach by 9:30.  The weather was beautiful.  It was not too hot for Claire.  Matthew went surfing while us girls stayed under the tent.  Claire had a snack and took a nap.  I managed to get some reading done while she napped.  It was WONDERFUL!  When she woke up, we went down to the water to cool off.  Claire loves the water.  I look forward to getting her in some swim lessons.  It was fun to watch her curiosity as the water flowed past and around her.  She would stick her hand in the water as it flowed back out to sea.  She also giggled excitedly.  Claire had one more snack and a nap and after that it was time to go back to the A/C.  We had lunch, relaxed and cooled off, then went for an early evening stroll.  The pier was fun because you can really watch the tides.
Claire loves her hat and shades.

We both love our new beach umbrella.

Friday morning Matthew had his best surfing session, and Claire and I repeated Thursday morning's schedule.  After lunch on the beach, there was a little rain which didn't last long, but we went back in anyway.  The next adventure was to see the Tybee Island Lighthouse.  I don't think I have ever been inside a lighthouse before.  We purchased our tickets while the sweet ladies working oohed and ahhed over Claire's cuteness.  Matthew carried Claire up the 178 steps to the top with me trailing behind.  He stood in the doorway with her and I said, "No way Claire is going out there!"  I am afraid of heights so I wasn't sure I was going out there.  I took Claire and Matthew went around the outside.  When he returned, he took Claire and I ventured out on the ledge.  I made it ALL the way around!  After checking out the keeper's cottages, we headed for an early dinner at Uncle Bubba's, who is Paula Deen's uncle.  I had the low country boil which was about a 1/2 pound of shrimp, 4 (largish) red potatoe, 4 sausages, and 2 short corns on the cob.  Matthew had to help finish it because I was about to explode.  He had blackened shrimp and scallops.  DELICIOUS!  Claire was a champ, again.  I did have to take her out of her car seat, but it was fine.  Matthew was able to hold her for a bit while I attempted to finish my peel and eat shrimp.  We went back to the condo and let our dinner settle.  Since we were leaving the next day, we had to take an evening stroll on the beach.  It was nice, but too close to Claire's bedtime.

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Saturday morning we packed up the truck early, and Matthew headed to the beach.  Claire and I rode into town to check-out and return the keys, I gassed up the truck, and we headed back to the beach.  Matthew had already set up the umbrella for us.  After a few attempts, Claire finally settled down for a nap.  We packed it all up at lunch and headed home.

This was a MUCH needed mini vacation for the three of us.  I highly recommend Tybee Island.  We were on the south end of the island on the ocean, and I thought the beach was very clean and very nice.  Of course, we were there after the busy season had just ended.  I hope we get to go back there.  It is a long drive.  Just about as long as I would want to spend in the car in one day.  It was Claire's limit, too.  I must get sore riding in that seat all day.  I am so thankful that I can be at home so we can take these little vacations.  I hope next time will be Claire's first camper trip! 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

More pics of Claire

I found out about a website called "Animoto" where you can make your own picture videos.  Of course I had to take some pictures of Claire and try it!
Click here to view the video!  It starts with Claire's first bath and ends with her smiling in her Jumparoo.  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Claire's Sleeping Pose

Last night Matthew, Claire, and I went out.  Since I knew we were planning to go out, I made sure Claire napped very well.  By gosh, my plan worked! We had dinner at Never Blue which has delicious food but terrible service.  In fact, our appetizers were given to the wrong table, but they did make another batch for us and didn't make us pay for them (which was about $14!).  Claire was pretty good.  She got fussy because doesn't like to sit in her car seat for a long time if we are not in the car.  Matthew took a turn holding her then I did and she was happy.

After dinner we were off to the Southern Appalachian Brewery where my friends The StereoFidelics were performing.  This was the first time I've heard them play live, and they rocked it!  I fed Claire in the car before we went so she was content for the next hour and a half.  She didn't get fussy until she was sleepy (well, it was her bed time).  I put a blanket over her head to block out the light, she found her thumb, and went right to sleep!

It was so nice to go out as a family and hang out with friends.  After a good night's sleep, Claire had her first breakfast.  I had to change a leaky diaper so when I went to put her back down, she fought sleep for a bit.  Once she was quiet, I went to check on her and this is how I found her.

I love her.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

3 months later...

Claire can now:
  1. Smile and giggle.
  2. Coo and say her vowels.
  3. Drool enough to reverse a drought.
  4. Blow bubbles. 
  5. Suck her left thumb and chew on her right hand (can we say teething soon?).
  6. Almost grab stuff by herself.
  7. Bring items that are in her hand to her mouth.
  8. Stand with straight, strong legs while you hold her.
  9. Almost sit up without any help.  In fact, she prefers sitting up.
  10. Roll from her tummy to her back. 
I love watching her hands and how she continues to gain control over their movements.  She is still slightly spastic with them.  My favorite is when she puts her hands together and sort of rolls them around like she's plotting something. 

I love breastfeeding.  It was hard in the beginning but now I look forward to our time together.  She will look up and smile at me sometimes.  It cracks me up when she does it. 

Baby girl was born with a head full of hair and it is getting longer.  She has lots of red curls on top of her head.  I can't do the head bands because they remind me of garter belts.  I know I'm weird.  I might have an aversion to them because I don't like headbands on my own head.  They give me headaches.  I will put a clip in her hair and it's pretty cute.   

I love her big, blue eyes.  I think they just might stay blue.

I can put a hat and sunglasses on her and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

She has good days and bad days.  We mostly have good days, but her bad days are caused by tummy troubles or lack of naps.  My girl is just like me because she needs her sleep.  She will sleep through the night and then we will nurse in bed in the morning.  Sometimes I will stay in bed and we'll snooze together, or I will leave her snoozing while I get up to pump, eat breakfast, &/or clean up the kitchen (aka play on Facebook).

Every day is a new day.  Next week most of my friends will be returning to their teaching jobs.  I, however, will be staying home with Claire.  It has not sunk in yet that I will be staying home.  I will miss meeting my freshmen students and miss seeing my returning students.  I received some great advice which is enjoy every moment of staying home and that is exactly what I am going to try to do.  :)

3 Month Milestones

Tummy time!

Typically what happens during tummy time...

Her legs have been getting stronger!

After several wobbles...

She rolled over!!! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Claire's Many Faces

Claire is officially 8 weeks old today!  I thought I would share some of her classic faces.

Having fun or screaming

About to spit up

Fist pumping

attempt at duck face?

Clean diaper


watching t.v.

play time

Celebrating the 4th of July

about to chew on mom's hand



Passing gas