Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blanket for Baby

Before Christmas, I decided to make a blanket for the baby. I went to the craft store and found a book of different blankets. I was going to knit it, but a friend advised that a crocheted blanket would have a better texture. I had to buy new needles because I have no idea where the last set purchased is located. The blanket has 4 colors: baby purple, baby green, baby yellow, and a veregated white, green, blue.

I don't mind pink, but I didn't want it in the blanket. I have crocheted 9 squares of yellow, green, and veregated. I have 3 purple squares finished, so 6 more to go. When those are done, I will add the edging to each square. You can see it in the pattern's picture.

At first, I had a very tense stitch. You can see it in the yellow. I may end up re-doing some of those. After the edging, I sew the squares together and then add an edge to the whole blanket. This is all new to me because I have never actually made a product by crocheting before. I am starting to get the hang of it, and I hope to learn more stitches. Thanks to Pinterest, I have several ideas waiting for me. I'll take another pic when I have the edging finished. I should be able to start that next weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

27 Weeks!

So here is the baby update...
I had a doctor's appointment on Monday to do my glucose test and meet another doctor. My appointment was supposed to be Friday afternoon, but that doctor was in surgery. Anyhoo... so I drink my lovely, Sprite flavored sugar drink and head to the doctor's office. I was a little nervous about one nurse who has trouble drawing my blood. Plus she talks to the needle and makes me more nervous/feel like I'm gonna pass out.
Luckily, I was assigned a nurse whom I have not seen since my last "regular" visit. She was excited for me, and she kindly informed me that she would be sticking me which went well. Yay!

While I wait for the sugar to kick in, I get to see the doctor which helps some of the time go by. She was very nice. She got out her little microphone to listen to the heartbeat, but baby girl was being a wiggle worm (I think the sugar hit her, too!). The doctor put her hand on the side of my belly to try and get baby to be still. Instead, baby girl kicked the doctor! Oh dear... we are going to have our hands full! Haha! After recounting this story to Matthew, he said, "That's my girl!"

My appointment went great, and I have not heard about my blood work so all must have been normal! So, yay! Here is a web cam pic soon. Apparently the shirt I wore today makes my belly look pretty large. Yeah... it's the shirt. :)

(By calendar) 13 weeks to go.....