Sunday, July 5, 2009

If Celebrities Lived in NC

Sarah Jessica Parker

Pamela Anderson

Johnny Depp

Sharon Stone

The Olsen Twins

Jennifer Aniston

Gwen Stefani

Cameron Diaz

Brittany Spears

Ashlee Simpson

Tom Cruise

My sister sent this to me, and I found it while cleaning up email. It just made me laugh. ^_^

Papa Kinney

Matthew and I went to Rome, GA for my grandfather's funeral. My Uncle Dixon (dad's brother) wrote a beautiful euology. My mother's family (Kinney) is buried in Rome. I met several family members that haven't seen me in 20 years.

One interesting part was a story about how at every funeral at this cemetary, there is a butterfly that lands on someone in the family. Sure enough, a butterfly showed up and landed on my Aunt LuAnne. It was pretty sweet, because she took good care of my Papa his last few years.

We shared lots of stories and had a great visit.

RIP Weyman "Papa" Kinney
b. July 21, 1923; d. June 27, 2009