Thursday, August 30, 2012

More pics of Claire

I found out about a website called "Animoto" where you can make your own picture videos.  Of course I had to take some pictures of Claire and try it!
Click here to view the video!  It starts with Claire's first bath and ends with her smiling in her Jumparoo.  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Claire's Sleeping Pose

Last night Matthew, Claire, and I went out.  Since I knew we were planning to go out, I made sure Claire napped very well.  By gosh, my plan worked! We had dinner at Never Blue which has delicious food but terrible service.  In fact, our appetizers were given to the wrong table, but they did make another batch for us and didn't make us pay for them (which was about $14!).  Claire was pretty good.  She got fussy because doesn't like to sit in her car seat for a long time if we are not in the car.  Matthew took a turn holding her then I did and she was happy.

After dinner we were off to the Southern Appalachian Brewery where my friends The StereoFidelics were performing.  This was the first time I've heard them play live, and they rocked it!  I fed Claire in the car before we went so she was content for the next hour and a half.  She didn't get fussy until she was sleepy (well, it was her bed time).  I put a blanket over her head to block out the light, she found her thumb, and went right to sleep!

It was so nice to go out as a family and hang out with friends.  After a good night's sleep, Claire had her first breakfast.  I had to change a leaky diaper so when I went to put her back down, she fought sleep for a bit.  Once she was quiet, I went to check on her and this is how I found her.

I love her.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

3 months later...

Claire can now:
  1. Smile and giggle.
  2. Coo and say her vowels.
  3. Drool enough to reverse a drought.
  4. Blow bubbles. 
  5. Suck her left thumb and chew on her right hand (can we say teething soon?).
  6. Almost grab stuff by herself.
  7. Bring items that are in her hand to her mouth.
  8. Stand with straight, strong legs while you hold her.
  9. Almost sit up without any help.  In fact, she prefers sitting up.
  10. Roll from her tummy to her back. 
I love watching her hands and how she continues to gain control over their movements.  She is still slightly spastic with them.  My favorite is when she puts her hands together and sort of rolls them around like she's plotting something. 

I love breastfeeding.  It was hard in the beginning but now I look forward to our time together.  She will look up and smile at me sometimes.  It cracks me up when she does it. 

Baby girl was born with a head full of hair and it is getting longer.  She has lots of red curls on top of her head.  I can't do the head bands because they remind me of garter belts.  I know I'm weird.  I might have an aversion to them because I don't like headbands on my own head.  They give me headaches.  I will put a clip in her hair and it's pretty cute.   

I love her big, blue eyes.  I think they just might stay blue.

I can put a hat and sunglasses on her and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

She has good days and bad days.  We mostly have good days, but her bad days are caused by tummy troubles or lack of naps.  My girl is just like me because she needs her sleep.  She will sleep through the night and then we will nurse in bed in the morning.  Sometimes I will stay in bed and we'll snooze together, or I will leave her snoozing while I get up to pump, eat breakfast, &/or clean up the kitchen (aka play on Facebook).

Every day is a new day.  Next week most of my friends will be returning to their teaching jobs.  I, however, will be staying home with Claire.  It has not sunk in yet that I will be staying home.  I will miss meeting my freshmen students and miss seeing my returning students.  I received some great advice which is enjoy every moment of staying home and that is exactly what I am going to try to do.  :)

3 Month Milestones

Tummy time!

Typically what happens during tummy time...

Her legs have been getting stronger!

After several wobbles...

She rolled over!!!