Saturday, August 29, 2009

More Critters

Don't worry! I didn't post creepy, crawlies this time :)

A few weeks ago, we had this stick bug hanging out.

Last weekend, we were working on the front of the house, and we moved a board. Now, if you remember a past post, always look before you move anything off the ground at my house. :)

This guys is all muddy, but these salamanders are so pretty. They look like a midnight sky because they have faint, little white specks that look like stars.

Then, my favorite was hopping around. I love these little guys, because they look so tough. The way his front legs sit reminds me of a bulldog.

House pics are coming soon to a blog near you!!!!!!


So, one of the things I am most excited about beging full-time is getting more involved with the activities at school. Yesterday, we had a pep rally, and we had a teacher vs. student tug-o-war. It was so much fun. The students added the entire football team at the last minute, so they won the first round. The second time, we won because they let go of the rope! They had a third try, but I sat out. My friend, Kelly, and I have done two days of walking and sprints. My legs were about to give out!

Anyhoo... we were all laughing and having a great time at the pep rally. My arm started to sting a little, so I look and...

I'm so proud of my "battle" wound :P Apparently, I thought we had a chance, and I thought I was really contributing to the tugging. Haha! I had a great first week, even though we are all exhausted!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Excited and Nervous

Reason 1: Plain and simple. I have been working my patootie off this summer, and I am going shopping today. And it makes me happy.

Reason 2: My principal called me last week to let me know that it was looking pretty good that I would be teaching chorus (making me a full-time teacher). I spent a week not being sure, so I went by school yesterday. Our secretary congratulated me on being full-time! I'm on the master schedule (that's a good thing, btw). The paperwork to make me official has not been finalized, and that makes me a little nervous. The prospect of teaching chorus makes me a little nervous, too.

In the meantime, I am going shopping today. :) I have a Target trip planned with my friend, Beth. Then we may have to go to the fabric store, because I need to make some curtains.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Charlotte & Friends

Matthew and I were cleaning up around the house today. We still had construction stuff scattered about, and it felt GREAT to get it picked up.

Before grabbing items around our house, it is always best to look first. I managed to find only one garter snake (sorry, no pic) while picking up scrap wood today. I grabbed him and sent him on his way far away from Matthew.

While gathering a pile in front of the house, I was sent to get a trash can from our new "trashcan corral". (Even though I am terrified of spiders) I was pleasantly greeted by Charlotte, who had decided to set up camp in a sideways trashcan.

Sadly, she had to be misplaced, but I expect her to build another web. Perhaps she will send me a message expressing her dislike for her forced move.

We are still cleaning up, and I find a bucket that has been updside down for who knows how long. Again, always be wary when flipping items over at our house. HELLO! I find Charlotte's evil sister, Black Widow. Her mate is still alive, and you can see him quite well in one pic (poor sap, doesn't know what's coming).

*Shiver* That last one gives me the heebee geebees. BTW~ These scary pics are posted for my mother (who is obsessed with spiders). LOVE YOU :)