Saturday, April 28, 2012

In the home stretch...

Here I am.  Not too glamorous, but I guess that's OK.  I am posting this anyway.

I am 38 weeks in this picture.  Baby girl is growing, but she is not ready to enter the outside world.  I had not made any progress at my last doctor's visit.  She isn't even dropping into position yet.  I have been joking that she might be a procrastinator like her momma and wait until the last minute.  She will drop, I will dilate, and she'll be here.  (It can be that simple, right?  Wishful thinking, I know.)

Friday was my last day at school and a day of mixed emotions.  I have the sweetest, most thoughtful students.  Even a few of my graduated students have come back to give our baby presents!  One students knitted a blanket and crocheted three little hats. It was mostly hard for me to hug my seniors and my student going to NCSSM next year since I won't see them for a long time.  One young lady had tears in her eyes and said, "Thank you for everything you have done for me" and handed me a letter.  Needless to say I couldn't read it right then because I was tearing up with her. 

One of my seniors told me I was her favorite teacher of all time and thank you for always listening and offering advice.  She is a special young lady who despite going through A LOT is one of the most genuine, kindest people I know.

Another senior had to come hug me after every class and at the end of the day.  He is such a good person.

I will also miss seeing my colleagues at school, but I know I will have the opportunity to see them over the summer.  I have great support circle of friends.  :) 

Meanwhile, I am very excited to get to stay home the week before the pending arrival of baby girl.  Matthew's mom helped last weekend with getting the nursery started, and mom and dad are coming today to help with cleaning and maybe finishing up the nursery. 

Only a week and a half until due date!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

March into April

Whew! What a whirlwind the last couple of months have been. Let's start with the finishing of the basement.

The spare bedroom has been finished, but now the bed is set up.

We put a bathroom downstairs, too.

And there was much tile, painting, and trim to be done.

The main priority for all of this was to finish a small room which has become Matthew's new office. His desk, printer, and computer have all been moved into this room now.

This is the spare bedroom right now. It is holding ALL the baby stuff I have received so far... actually, there is more because this was before my school shower. Baby girl is already spoiled!

One clean corner of the basement is all I will show you. The basement looks really good. We have a ceiling as of this past week except for the bathroom, but the electrical is all finished.

The nursery is still a work in progress but at least there is a crib! OK. So, we don't have a mattress, but the crib is assembled. :) I will post more pics when the nursery is assembled.